How to Comfort a Sore and Itchy Eye?

Having trouble with a sore and itchy eye can cause a lot of discomfort. You can’t see properly, your eyes are watering all the time and with this you can’t watch your favorite TV show or finish reading that book that are so interesting. Some of the things that you must not do when you have sore and itchy eyes are to rub them because it will just cause that the itching get worse.

Do not use any heat near your eyes when they are sore because it will just hurt it more and make the itching worse. When you suspect that you might have an eye infection seek medical help as soon as possible. Don’t wait before you go to a doctor because an infection can be very serious and dangerous. If your eyes are just itching because of an allergy or some dust or wind you can use some natural remedies to comfort your sore and itchy eyes.

Dealing with allergies

If your eyes are sore and itching because of allergies you can do the following to help make it better.

  • Close your eyes and hold a cold wet cloth against them. This will help to reduce the swelling of your eyes. Keep the cold cloth against your eyes for about twenty minutes and then remove it.
  • Ask your pharmacist for antihistamine drops to help get rid of the itching and swelling.
  • Lubricating eye drops can help to flush out the allergy and help to relieve the symptoms of sore and itchy eyes.
  • If you have contacts take them out as they can collect allergens. Instead of contact use your glasses for a day of two until the allergies are better.
  • If you can’t get antihistamine eye drops normal antihistamine tablets will work just as effective. The antihistamine tablets can help with allergies like pollen, cat dander, dust and mold.
  • Eye drops are the most affective and natural way to help with sore and itchy eyes. Use the eye drops 3 to 4 times a day for relieve. Do not use for longer than 4 days.

Rest your eyes

Make sure that you rest your eyes regularly. If you are at work sitting in front of a computer most of the day make sure to move your eyes away from the screen for at least twenty seconds. Do this when you are watching TV or reading a book as well. Make sure that when you read or watch TV that there are light in the room. If the light is to dark it puts more strain on your eyes which can also result in sore and itchy eyes.

Bright light can also play a role in sore and itchy eyes so make sure that whatever it is that you are doing your eyes are comfortable with the light in the room. Cleaning your computer screen and adjusting it to make it more comfortable for your eyes is also a very good thing to do.

Your computer screen collects dust and when you sit in front of it that dust can come into your eyes which will cause it to itch and being sore. Make sure to rest your eyes by closing them for at least 2 minutes a few times a day. This will help to relax the eye muscle and to get it to focus normal for longer times.

Home remedies to comfort your eyes

  1. As said before, you can use cold compress to help relieve sore and itchy eyes. You do not have to use a clod wet cloth. Chamomile tea bags are also very affective. Put used chamomile tea bags in the refrigerator for about 25 minutes. Put them on your sore and itchy eyes for at least 15 minutes. You can do this 4 times a day to fast and effective results.
  2. Cucumber is very good for eye irritation, inflammation and swelling of the eyes. Make sure that you wash the cucumber before you use it. Cut a few slices and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Out the cucumber slices on your itchy and sore eyes for about 15 minutes. You can repeat this 5 times a day.
  3. Make yourself a salt and water eye wash solution. Salt have anti-bacterial composites that can help to kill any debris that might be in your eyes. Cook some distilled water with one teaspoon of salt. Let it cool down and wash your eyes. You can do this 3 times a day for at least three days in a row.
  4. Dab some cotton in milk and use it to compress your eye or rub it around your eyes. It will help with the irritation. You can do this twice a day in the mornings and in the evenings.
  5. As with the chamomile tea bags you can also use green tea teabags. It has anti-inflammation benefits and it will help with itchy eyes. You can use the cooled tea bags on your eyes or you can make green tea with distilled water, let it cool and wash your eyes with the green tea solution.

Make sure that when you use homemade remedies to help you with sore and itchy eyes that you researched it well before use and that you have followed the instructions. If you see that the soreness are irritation does not go away after two days it will be best to get some medical assistance.

There are many different reasons why your eyes are sore and itchy and it is best to make sure that you get or use the right treatment for it. Take note of the symptoms of the itching and soreness of your eyes because sometimes it is not an allergy that is the cause. It can also be pink eyes.

The symptoms of pink eyes are almost the same as having itching and sore eyes from an allergy. Do not take any risks with your eyes because it can get very expensive if the problem is serious.

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