How To Get Rid Of Gnats Fast And Easy. Most effective ways

Gnats are some of the most annoying critters on the planet. Like fruit flies, gnats are practically found everywhere and love to congregate in large numbers. While mainly synonymous with those scorching summer months, gnats are equally as annoying in the winter time. While flies try to avoid human contact and mainly search for food, gnats are attracted by human breath and odors.

This is why many fly into open nostrils and cause irritating itches for humans and pets. Many gnats also carry germs, which can cause health issues for loved ones and pets. If you are experiencing a gnat infestation, there are several ways to effectively eradicate and eliminate them.

Professional Pest Control Services

The best way to get rid of gnats is via professional pest control services. With years of extensive industry experience, pest control experts have the tools and expertise to achieve desired results. This includes pesticides that can remove gnats from the interiors and exteriors of your property.

They also spray basements, crawlspaces, and other areas where gnats usually congregate and breathe. Along with sprays, sticky pads are used to keep gnats out of garages and accessible areas. They also use bait and switch techniques, which trick gnats into consuming poisonous residue that they bring back to their batches. This results in entire colonies of gnats being eliminated within time and budget.

Home Sprays and Pesticides

If you are opting to tackle the gnat problem on your own, there are plenty of options available. Simply head over to your nearest grocery store and pick up some home sprays and pesticides. These products are designed to repel gnat infestation, while battling mosquitoes, cockroaches, silverfish, and other common pests. As always, it is vital to read the instructions before using any spray. This includes keeping it out of reach of children, as well as away from the eyes.

When spraying the pesticide, try to target areas that gnats love to congregate in. This includes the upper sections of your garage, along with attics and other warm and arid areas. Gnats also like to roam around near beds and mattresses. In fact, this is one of the reasons why bed bugs tend to gather as well. Spray the pesticides in and around your mattresses to keep gnats and fruit flies away at night.

Fogging to Get Rid of Gnats

Fogging is another great way to get rid of gnats. This, of course, requires a local pest control specialist or agency. With fogging, you and your loved ones will have to be out of the house for a few hours. The same also goes for your pets, fish, and birds. Once everyone is out of the house or office, the specialist will release a fogging device that emits pesticide mist and odors within your property.

With the windows closed, this pesticide will effectively eliminate all gnats and their offspring. Multiple fogging tanks may be used if your home has more than one story. This is considered the most effective and cost-efficient way to treat and tackle gnat problems. After a few hours, you and your loved ones can safely return to your home or office.

Home Fogging Techniques

There are also home fogging techniques available for owners. These are great for those that do not have pest control maintenance of service programs. As the best home fogging technique, pour some red or white wine into a small container. Wrap the container with saran wrap – then punch a few holes in it. Set the container near the area gnats are in and let it sit overnight.

By morning, you will see the gnats eliminated inside of the container. As mentioned earlier, gnats are attracted by human breath and odors. One of these odors is the smell of wine, which gnats find very sweet and attractive. Little do they know, however, that the alcohol content within wine is enough to finish them off permanently? Using this method is the best way to eliminate giant gnat swarms in one shot.

The Honey Trap

Using the same techniques above, fill the container with honey, vinegar, or apple cider. These liquids have long been used as home treatments for gnat infestation. The gnats are attracted by the scents of these liquids and will fly inside of the containers in large hordes. This permanently traps and eliminates them – without spending countless dollars on professional pest fumigation services.

You can also use cranberry juice – which like wine – effectively attracts gnats from miles away. It is important, however, to sweep up any dead gnats in and around the containers. This can attract other pests and critters and you will be right back where you started from.

Eliminating Gnats in Plants

Gnats love hiding in plants and soils. This is where they feed on smaller insects and nutrients. To stop gnat infestation of home plants, simply get a spray that is safe to plants and floral arrangements. These are available at local grocery stores, and can truly protect your plants from gnats and small fruit flies.

As always, use as directed and make sure these sprays never come into contact with children. Also spray away from the eyes, and try not to get this on your skin or clothes. You will see that the gnats will quickly be removed and you can get back to gardening and other chores in no time at all. You can also use these sprays on your outdoor garden to fend off gnats and other critters.

Removing Gnats from Pipes and Drains

Gnats are also attracted to still water. No truer is this then when it comes to bathtubs and sinks. To remove gnats from these areas, simply use ammonia or a drain cleaner. This will effectively remove all gnats and small spiders from your drains and pipes. Gnats are a nuisance but there are several ways to remove them from your residential and commercial properties. From professional pest control to home-based techniques, you can truly have a gnat-free environment in no time at all!

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