Home Remedies for Unwanted Hair Removal Permanently

There is nothing abnormal in wanting to have a smooth hairless skin. Unwanted hair is a major insecurity to many people. Unfortunately many resolve for unsafe methods to remove the unwanted hair. Such methods lead to health complications that can even escalate to chronic diseases such as cancer.

The good news is you do not have to go through the same ordeal. If you are wondering how to remove unwanted hair from home permanently; here are a number of tips on how to do it.

Tips on how to remove unwanted hair permanently from home

1.  Use of Raw Papaya

Papaya has an active enzyme called papain. Papain has the ability to break down hair follicles and curtail hair growth. This makes your hair your hair less noticeable and gives your skin an improved texture. Papaya is also good for sensitive skin hence it can be used by a majority of people.

Prepare some papaya paste by grinding raw papaya. Mix the paste with turmeric powder and massage your skin for twenty minutes then wash away the paste with water. Repeat every three days for the best result.

2.  Use of Turmeric

Turmeric is a naturally available ingredient and it is an excellent remedy for hair removal. Turmeric has been used since the middle for glowing skin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Turmeric is can also prevent hair growth in the following way. The simplest way to do it is by mixing it with milk.

Soak turmeric powder in water or milk to make a paste which is not too tight but which can stay on your hairy body part. Apply the mix on your hairy parts, and then leave it for approximately twenty minutes until it dries up. Was the paste off with cold water; however turmeric is suitable for people with lesser unwanted hair. For denser hair, mix turmeric with other ingredients such as flour.

3.  Chickpea flour to remove unwanted hair

Chickpea flour is a famous hair removal agent especially in Asia. Chickpea flour is also known as gram flour. Chickpea flour is mixed with water and turmeric to remove hair on the face, hands and legs of babies. However you can also use this method to eliminate your unwanted hair. Follow this procedure to do it,

Put chickpea flour in a container and add milk, turmeric and fresh cream. Mix it to form a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the hairy parts making sure that you have covered all the hair.  Leave the paste for around one and half hours then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this at least four times a week for a couple of months.

4.  Sugar, honey and lemon paste to remove unwanted hair

Sugar honey lemon mix acts as a good homemade wax to eliminate hair from various body parts. However brace yourself for the pain as a sugar honey mix is sticky and will be painful as you pluck the hair.

Put honey sugar and lemon in a bowl; heat the mixture for five minutes to obtain a smooth paste. You can use a microwave for this purpose. Sometimes the paste can get too thick, here it is advisable that you add some little water to soften it. Let the mixture cool down to lukewarm temperature. While the mixture is cooling down dust the part of your body with hair with flour or ash. Use a spoon to apply the paste to your dusted part.

Make sure you cover all the hairy parts. Cover the parts with the mixture with cloth or a waxing strip. Press and hold the cloth over the mixture for five minutes then carefully and slowly lift the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Remember this is a painful procedure and it should be avoided by individuals with sensitive skin as it can cause irritation.

5.  Egg paste for Unwanted Hair

Egg mask is less sticky than sugar- honey mixture. Egg paste dries off and sticks on the hairy parts. When you pull it comes off with unwanted hair. The advantage is that eggs are readily available and the procedure is less technical than the previous ones. Take three eggs and break then in a bow. Stir them with a spoon till the mixture is soft. Add flour to the smooth egg paste and stir the mixture to a smooth paste. Be sure to maintain the appropriate ratios of flour and eggs so as to obtain a smooth paste. Add sugar to the paste and stir it a little bit.

Apply this mixture to your hairy body part slowly ensuring you cover all the hair. Apply enough paste preferably a couple of layers. Let the paste dry up; normally it should take around half an hour. After drying up, you will notice that the paste is strongly attached to the hairy body part. Use the tips of your fingers to pull of the paste from your hairy part. Pull slowly as rush pulling may end up hurting you. Again slow pulling ensures that you effectively pull out all the hair.

6.  White pepper and camphor mixture.

Pepper and camphor have a strong sensation and it is not advisable to use this remedy if you are trying to remove facial hair. It is advisable you use it to remove hair from the legs.  Some people can advise you to add kerosene to this mixture but do not be tempted to follow this advice. Kerosene can catch fire and you may burn yourself with the least of sparks. Kerosene also has properties that can damage your skin coloration. For a substitute use olive oil or almonds oil to sooth the pepper camphor mixture.

Use a pestle and bowl to grind pepper into fine powder. Mix the grinded powder with camphor and stir a bit. Add almond oil to the mixture and stir well. Apply the resulting paste on your hairy body part preferably the legs and leave it for thirty minutes. Then wash off the paste with lukewarm water. The unwanted hair will come off as you wash away the paste.

If you have unwanted hair you shouldn’t panic, these methods will give you the desired results.

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