How to Get Dimples Naturally?

There’s something about dimples that make a smile that much more enjoyable and memorable. Whether you associate them with fond childhood memories or the latest heart throbs, dimples can take a nice smile and make it look both more appealing and memorable. Dimples also act as a distraction against an imperfect smile.

Unfortunately, most people are not born with them. If you have ever wondered if it was possible to develop your own set of dimples, the answer is yes, you can, and unlike a lot of other procedures, creating your own dimples can be done 100% naturally. If you have dimples, you can use these steps to make them a little bit deeper.

Essentially, there are exercises that you can do that will either deepen or create dimples in your cheeks. This does mean that you will have to do them every day if you really want to emphasize or keep them. If you only do the exercises for a short period of time, you can expect your cheeks to go back to their natural shape, just like your body does when you don’t exercise.

Note that the exercises are not guaranteed to work based on your facial structure. There is no science or studies to support that this works, but it is something you can try for yourself to see if you get the kind of results that you want. Keep in mind that it will take time, so do not expect to see any results in the first few days.

What to do. 8 Steps

Before getting started, if you have dimples, you will need to work in the same area to really get the maximum effect. You can shift the focal location a little bit, but you really can’t create a new set of dimples.

Step 1. Pucker up your lips like you are making a fish face or have just eaten something really sour. This helps to create areas in your cheeks that show where dimples will likely work best.

Step 2.¬†Slightly suck in your cheeks while your lips are puckered. This highlights the best areas of your face for working on (or creating) your dimples. Make sure you do not clinch your teeth. The inside of your cheeks should rest comfortably between the top and bottom of your teeth. It’s the look you generally see models making at the camera.

Your mouth should be closed. If you aren’t sure how to make a sour face, you can try a sour candy or a sour drink to see the right expression. Just make sure that it isn’t something so sour that you close your eyes while working through the sourness.

Step 3. Determine where you want to focus your exercises. If you have dimples, make sure you know where those areas are and keep your focus on the areas close to them.

Step 4. Press your fingers into the areas where you want to deepen or create your dimples. You will need to keep both fingers in this location for the remainder of the exercise. If you don’t want to use your fingers, a pen or the eraser end of a pencil can work just as well. Take the time to memorize where you have placed the pressure on your face. The more accurate your position, the better the odds that the exercises will work and that your dimples will be deeper.

Step 5. Hold your fingers in this position for at least 30 seconds.

Step 6. Slowly relax your face and begin to smile. Your fingers will shift as your lips change positions. You will be able to see from this point where the dimples will appear in relation to your smile. If you do not have dimples, you can choose to move the position to a different location over the next few days, but do make sure you determine a single location and do the exercises in that spot once you are satisfied that you have the right place for your smile.

Keep your fingers firmly pressed into your cheeks for the entire duration of this step. They may move, but you should not take off the pressure from your cheeks. If you have dimples, your fingers should now be in the same area as where your dimples naturally occur.

Step 7. Check the mirror to make sure that the location is where you really want them to be or where you have placed your fingers before. If you find that they are slightly off from where you did the exercises the day before, start over with Step 1.

If you are doing daily exercises, do not take your fingers off of your face and go to the next step.

If you only want to create dimples for a selfie, you should be able to remove your fingers and immediately snap the picture. As soon as you relax your face, the dimples will disappear. If this is your primary concern, you are done.

Step 8. Hold the dimples for roughly 30 minutes. You can watch television, exercise, or work on something that does not require your hands during this time. By applying pressure for 30 minutes, you are helping to work your cheeks into the desired shape. The longer you hold it every day, the better the odds that it will work.

It could take a month or more for you to start seeing results. And you are not guaranteed to see any changes, particularly for certain facial shapes, like very thin faces with high cheek bones. Dimples are more likely to form in fully cheeks.

One of the best ways to determine if it is working for you is to take a picture on the first day before you start, and then every seven days. After five or six weeks, compare the pictures to see if you can see a difference in your smile. Make sure that the pictures you take are before an exercise session, not after one, so that you can tell if your smile is changing when no pressure has been applied for that day.

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