How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally? (Home Remedies)

Bedbugs can be a real nuisance at a night when you sleep, not forgetting the potential health risk they pose. But what if hiring a professional fumigator is quite expensive, are there other ways to keep the pestilent pests away? Absolutely yes, here are a few natural ways that will drive the bedbugs away in no time:

Manual Cleaning

Bedbugs like to hide around the bed’s head board or the frame then come out at night when they sense body heat. You can go at them with a vacuum cleaner but make sure you do a thorough job of it. Hunt for both bedbugs and their laid eggs; they are plat creatures and like to hide in crevices along the bed’s wooden frame. If the mattress is a harbor for bedbugs as well, you may need to get it out and leave it in the sun for a few days or replace it completely.

Use Natural Pesticides

Instead of the harsh and expensive pesticides in the market, you could opt for something organic like diatomaceous earth pesticide. DE pesticide is made purely from plants and does the same excellent job as what your fumigator would use. DE is ideal to clean your mattress with as well, rather than complete washing with water which may attract molding. DE pesticide kills both the bedbugs and their eggs and is considered to be a 100% organic.

Washing Clothes in High Temperature

Though bedbugs are fond of the bed frame and headboard, some find their way into collars, cuffs or the seams of trousers. This is how they get carried and transferred to a different location, hence an outbreak. Washing your clothes in high temperature water is effective because it kills anything from bedbugs to mites and bacteria. High temperature water also sanitizes your clothes and beddings. Once the cloths are dried, put them in clean plastic bags to prevent further infestation.

Use Natural Essential Oils

One of the best essential oils to take care of bedbugs is Tea Tree oil. Not only is the aroma pleasing to your nose, it is a complete nuisance to the bed bugs. As you thoroughly clean your beddings and cloths, add about two drops of tea tree oil while rinsing. It has special antibacterial properties that simultaneously destroy bedbugs. Alternatively, you could add a few drops to lukewarm water then use a spray bottle to apply the solution to your beddings, carpet or furniture. You can do this every end of the week or twice a month to keep the bedbugs at bay.

Besides tree oil, lavender oil also works the same magic, adding some fresh fragrance to your entire home. The strong fragrance from these essential oils irritates the bedbugs from their hiding points. The strong scented lavender oils are the best because they can go for days before applying again. Regular use of essential oils will ultimately render your home bedbug free. Peppermint and eucalyptus are two other options you can try.

Steam Cleaning Helps as Well

Not every fabric in your house can survive high temperature washing; steam cleaning comes as a second option for such fabrics. Steam cleaning also substitutes vacuuming if you want to be 100% sure the bedbugs are gone. Steam can penetrate through fabric and destroy the hidden bedbugs and their eggs. Where your vacuum cleaner could not reach, steam will do the trick—like in crevices. As a precaution though, make sure you are using dry steam and not wet; wet steam can potentially destroy the fabric.

Steam will work on anything from beddings, mattresses, furniture, rugs and even cracks on walls. With steam, you can comb through an entire house smoking out the bedbugs where they are hiding.

Invest in Interceptors

Interceptors are plastic dish like objects that are placed under the feet of your bed legs. They isolate your bed from the rest of the room prevents bedbugs from climbing all the way up to your beddings. It can also be a simple homemade interceptor like sticky cards placed strategically on the bed frame. When the bedbugs try to cross through, they get trapped onto the cards and you can replace them later.

You can also purchase commercial bedbug interceptors which are quite inexpensive and highly effective. These interceptors work two way; the trap bedbugs from climbing onto your bed and also bar those trying to leave. They do a good job in isolating your bed hence controlling the number of areas affected in your home. Once you encase the bed with these interceptors, you can then begin to treat them with steam DE pesticides or just manual cleaning to get the bed bugs away for good.

Track Your Success

Cleaning a single room is not enough guarantee that the bed bugs won’t come back. If you happen to carry the pests on clothes, re-infestation can occur bringing you back to square one. So work by isolation, that is determining the areas infested and separating them from the rest of the house.

Once a room is thoroughly cleaned, seal off that area and prevent entry until you have successfully worked on all other areas in your house. Interceptors are also great for tracking your success. You can check the holders each week and see how many bedbugs you have trapped. Interceptors can also be used to seal off a bed from more bedbugs.

It is possible to get rid of bedbugs with natural proven methods and not have to spend a lot of money on a commercial fumigator. You can work with essential oils to irritate the bedbugs with the strong scent from the oils, wash clothes in high temperature water, use bed interceptors or use steam for heat sensitive fabric in the home. Always keep track of your cleaning progress so you can be sure that the entire home is well protected from bedbugs.

If you live in a rented condo or flat, it’s a good idea to alert your housing manager of the infestation. This will help prevent any other attacks in future especially if it didn’t come from your own home.

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