How to Grow Facial Hair or Beard Hair? (For Men)

Have you had the thought of growing a beard but did not know how? Have you envied your friends or workmates facial hair? Well, your woes are over. These are tips on how to grow that facial hair or beard you have always wanted. These are also reasons why that facial hair will work for your face and your daily routine.


Men grow facial hair for various reasons. The common reasons tend to be;

  1. A beard or facial hair is perceived to be more attractive to the ladies. In pursuit of a date or a significant other, men, therefore, tend to find it necessary to grow one.
  2. To get a more masculine look. Masculinity is based on the perception of what people see. A beard gives the perception of a manly and more masculine look.
  3. Beards may also be used as a means to raise awareness and funds for cancer.
  4. A beard tends to command respect from people around you.
  5. It is also perceived as a social status in certain communities. Elite people in the society tend to grow beards since the pressure is minimal and the need to stand out.
  6. In some cultures and countries, beards are considered a way of life. For example,  men are in some cultures required to grow a beard as a symbol of leadership or bravery.


1. Let the beard grow. Once you choose to grow a beard, stop shaving it and start growing it. In case of an itch do not let it deter you. A good cleaning with shampoo will do the trick.

2. Exfoliate once a week; exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells to stimulate the growth of new hair. To exfoliation, you could scrub using a facial scrub or exfoliate specially made for men. Carefully rinse it off after ten to thirty minutes of scrubbing.

3. Keep your skin clean by cleaning with warm water every morning and evening. Clean skin helps small hair to grow.

4. Using eucalyptus-based creams and lotion or moisturizers. Eucalyptus is helpful in the fast growth of facial and beard.

5. Plenty of rest aids in repairing damaged skin cells thereby stimulating the growth of hairs.

6. Stress management lets hair grow quickly since you tend to be more relaxed. Health and beauty experts have proven that stress stunts hair growth and reveals stress levels.

7. A good workout improves blood circulation and oxygen in the body and specifically the face promoting hair growth.

8. Healthy nutrition while paying attention to fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain minerals and vitamins which the hair needs to grow quickly.

9. An increase of protein in your normal diet. The protein found in eggs, fish, meat and nuts has essential nutrients that help hair grow faster.

10. Taking vitamins and supplements known to increase or stimulate hair growth is important. These vitamins include;

  • Biotin – it is a dietary supplement meant to increase hair growth and nails. It’s advisable to use only about 2.5 mg of biotin daily to make your beard grow quickly. It is readily available in health food stores or clinics nearest to you.
  • Vitamin B both in your diet and beauty products. Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are useful in fast growth of hair.

11. The belief that shaving regularly makes hair thicker and grows quicker is misguided. There is no scientific evidence to prove that this theory is true. Shaving only reduces the amount of hair on your face not let it grow rapidly.

What to expect

  1. You may feel an itch to scratch and probably have an urge to trim or shave it. This is bound to happen, and the best solution is to apply a hydrocortisone cream to your face or shampoo it properly. This will relieve the itch to a minimal.
  2. Facial hair will grow stiff over time. This will cause your face to get itchy and irritated since it will not all grow at the same pace.
  3. Reaction from the people around may discourage you. Ignore their reaction and believe in your decision to grow that beard.

How to maintain a healthy beard

Having successfully grown your beard you want to keep it healthy and vibrant. Beards can be tricky to maintain, however, here are a few tips on how to maintain your beard.

  • Keep your beard clean, a dirty beard is not a pleasant sight. Maintain a clean beard with a daily wash up routine. It doesn’t have to be complex; next time you go shopping be sure to grab some hair shampoo for your beard. Also, a dirty beard can make you sick especially if it gets a louse infestation. That underlines the importance of cleanliness for a healthy beard.
  • A good diet is a plus, increase the vegetable intake in your diet. Vegetables such as kale contain numerous levels of essential vitamins and minerals that help your beard hair remain healthy and strong. It is important to note that a healthy beard also gives your beard a rich natural color and a dazzling glow. Avoid junk foods and processed foods since junk and processed foods have low levels of vitamins. Next time you go to your refrigerator picks that salad over those fries.
  • Exercise regularly if you want a healthy beard you have to be active. Pick a morning jogging routine or a gym workout that can help you break a sweat. Your beard’s hair follicles require sufficient blood circulation and oxygen supply to remain healthy. This is what exercise gives you; set your alarm get on the road for a run.

It is normal for you to desire a beard or facial hair. Therefore, dedicating your time towards developing a beard you can be proud of is completely worth your time. Start by slowly changing your diet components to more healthy options before adopting the use of chemicals. The above insight should guide you on the achievable goal of growing facial hair or beard.

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