Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Naturally (Without Exercise)

A lot of people struggle to lose belly fat. Their reasons for wanting to lose the fat vary. Mostly it is because they want to look good but it could also be due to health reasons. Having lots of fat around the abdomen predisposes you to a variety of health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Here are some natural home remedies that you can try out to help you lose belly fat.


Raw garlic

Chewing two to three cloves of garlic will enhance blood circulation in your body. Drinking a glass of lime water after eating the garlic will help to double your fat loss effort.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 acids. They are a god alternative to oil fish. Omega three acids help discourage the formation of fat around your stomach. In addition, the seeds are rich in fiber, meaning that they will keep you feeling fuller for longer. This will minimize the overall amount of food you eat in a day. One tablespoon of chia seeds a day is adequate. You can add the seeds to your soups, smoothies or breakfast cereals.


Ginger aids in digestion. It also raises your body temperature, which helps your body to burn more fat. You can use ginger as a spice when cooking your foods or you can make ginger lemon tea. To make the tea, boil some water and add some grated ginger to it. Let it steep for five minutes then add a bit of lemon juice and honey to it. Drink this mixture.


Garlic inhibits the formation of fat in the body. This means less fat around your belly. Including garlic in your daily diet is advisable. Eating the garlic raw will even be more effective. Chew on garlic cloves and follow this up with some lemon juice. Repeat this every morning before you eat anything else and you will start seeing results after two weeks.


Cinnamon increases your body’s temperature, which helps to burn fat. Including one tablespoon of cinnamon to your diet will make a difference. Use ground cinnamon and not the raw bark. The raw bark can cause stomach ulcers or mouth sores. You can add the cinnamon powder to your drinks, such as tea, your stews or breakfast cereals.


Beans take time to digest once eaten. This results in you feeling fuller for longer. Having a glass of beans a day on a regular basis is advisable. Beans are a good substitute for meat, as it is a rich source of proteins. Any kind of beans can help you battle stomach fat.

Foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential in the digestion of fat in the body. Having inadequate amounts of vitamin C means that it will be harder for you to get rid of the fat around your midriff. Since excess vitamin C is discarded from the body through pee on a daily basis, it is essential that you consume foods rich in vitamin C on a regular basis. Foods rich in vitamin C include citrus fruits, kale, pepper, broccoli and peppers.


Fish Oil

Fish oil is rich in omega three acids. These acids help in the breaking down of fat and minimize the amount of fat stored around the abdomen. Consuming lots of oil fish will provide you with the fish oil that you need. Examples of fish to eat include tuna, salmon and mackerel.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil helps you to feel fuller for longer. This works to reduce your overall calorie intake. Just remember not to eat too much of it as it can cause you to gain weight as it is a fat. Two tablespoons of the oil in a day is enough. Replace coconut oil with the regular oil you use when cooking.


Lemon juice

Starting your day by drinking a glass of lemon juice can help you get rid of fat. Drink this juice first thing in the  morning on an empty stomach. Squeeze juice out of one lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it every morning. The juice helps to speed up your body’s metabolism.

It also helps to detoxify your liver. This helps in the metabolism of fat in your body. If your liver is working efficiently then the fat in your body will be metabolized, which means that less fat will be deposited around your midriff.

Drink lots of water every day at regular intervals throughout the day. The water will flush out toxins out of your body. It will also boost your body’s metabolism.
Cranberry juice

The acids in cranberry juice aid in digestion. When drunk, the juice will help in the digestion of waste products in your body. This helps to reduce the overall amount of fat in the body. Drinking one cup of cranberry juice a day is enough. However, you can choose to drink it throughout the day.


White rice

Replace white rice with brown rice. Alternatively, you can substitute white rice with other whole grain products in your diet,  such as whole wheat.

Sugary snacks

They are high in calories but low on nutrition. Sugar is often converted into fat in your body. Complex carbohydrates are a better alternative, as they are nutritious.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are also not good for you as they encourage your body to store fat. The sweeteners usually contain chemicals which when ingested cause your body to preserve fat.

Junk food

Junk foods and processed foods are high in calories. This contributes to belly fat. Go for healthy snacks, such as groundnuts as an alternative.

Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks have a lot of sugar in them. This means that they are high in calories. Consuming fizzy drinks on a regular basis will
make it harder for you to lose belly fat.


Get plenty of sleep

Inadequate sleep is one of the major causes of abdominal fat gain. This is because your cortisol hormones will increase in your body. High levels of this hormone will increase sugar in your body, which will be turned into fat. In addition, lack of adequate sleep will result in you craving a lot of sugary and fatty snacks.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Alcohol has a lot of calories but it does not make you feel full. Drinking too much alcohol will result in fat deposits around your abdomen.

Avoid skipping meals

Eat small frequent meals throughout the day. Skipping meals causes your body to react by holding onto fat deposits stored in your body.

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