Home Remedies To Treat Armpit Lumps

Many times you have experienced pain under your armpit and found a lump in it. The lumps due to swollen lumps nodes are caused to swell. The swelling shows a fight back between your body and the infection. However, the swelling might be cancer so if the swelling is persistent you should seek medical attention as fast as possible.

Not all lumps are cancer! It could be an infectious wound that has led to the lump. With homemade remedies, you can easily treat these lumps. Given here are some homemade remedies that can treat painful lumps in armpit without having to worry about additional expense and side effects:

Stay Hydrated

Improper regulation of body fluids causes problems to the body. Drinking plenty of water is very important in keeping your body hydrated. Sufficient water flow in your body also helps in blood flow all through your body. Staying hydrated will help you reduce the painful lumps by providing necessary nutrition and antibodies to fight the swelling.

Use warm water for treatment

Warm water has been one of the most used remedies for any body injuries. It has been an age-old and one of the simplest home remedy to treat lumps. This is because warm water gives the affected area hot treatment. To reduce the swelling of the lump and to reduce the pain, heat a piece of cloth and put it under your armpit. You can soak a cloth in already hot water and put it under your armpit either way they will work. If you follow this, the pain will reduce, and the lump will disappear too.


To improve the blood flow on the swollen lump, you can massage it gently but make sure not to apply much force to it. Applying a gentle massage is known to reduce pain and drive away uneasiness and discomfort.

Get Lots Of Vitamin E

Lack of proteins and vitamins are some of the major causes of skin infections. The skin mainly needs vitamin E for it to be healthy. Products like milk, fruits, and vegetables are rich in vitamin E. If your daily diet lacks vitamin E; you can use supplements to cover for the lack.

Munch On Watermelon

Watermelon has properties that are useful in detoxification of the blood. The properties can help in fighting the lump causing bacteria. Watermelon juice keeps the lump away. You can take it during meals or daily in the morning to make it your daily routine.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has Vitamin C with an anti-inflammatory substance. The vitamin C and anti-inflammatory found in lemon juice helps in bringing down the painful swelling in the lump and speeding the healing of it. Each day you can drink a glass of lemon juice diluted for better results. For better results, make it part of your daily routine.


Nutmeg belongs to the nut family and has an anti-inflammatory mixed with the anti-bacterial properties. This strong combination makes nutmeg one of the perfect homemade lump remedies. Drinking nutmeg in hot water will help your body in fighting any infection and swelling caused due to bacterial infections. If the nutmeg taste is not appealing, you can add honey to give it a sweeter taste.


The onion is one of the kitchen recipes that have a lot of medical advantages. It can be used to treat lumps. Onion has an anti-microbial and antiseptic agent with its juice very preferable in treating lumps. You can make the juice by crushing it. The onion can be mixed with other veggies and eaten raw.


Turmeric is an Indian spice that is used in cooking various delicacies. It has antiseptic properties and inflammatory properties. You can have a cup of milk with turmeric powder dipped in it for amazing results. The lumps swelling and pain will be reduced hence giving you the comfort. You can also grind it and apply directly to the lump softly. It reduces the itchy feel on the infection.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Coffee and tea have too much caffeine in them that makes the lumps grow. However, not many people see the connection between the two. Despite the skepticism, it is advisable to avoid too much consumption of caffeine. Avoiding caffeine also increases the chances of the lump healing faster.

Colas drinks have caffeine in them and should be avoided. You can instead make natural fruit drinks and make juice.

Vitamin A

To reduce lump infections, it is advisable to increase vitamin A in your daily diet. Some of the great sources of vitamin A are papayas and carrots. Put papayas and carrots in a munch as your snacks for your fast healing of lump.

Charcoal Compress

The daily charcoal that you use for cooking daily can also act as a lump remedy. It is one of the easy remedies to make and can help in banishing the lump forever. You can make the recipe by adding flax seeds and water with charcoal. Put the gel on the paper towel then place it under your armpit at the infected area. This remedy will reduce the pain and completely leave the infected area dry and completely healed. You can do this daily twice till the wound is completely lost.


The anti-inflammatory property found in garlic makes it an outstanding lump remedy. You can take cloves of garlic mixed in lukewarm water every morning for better results. You can also use it in your daily cooking as a recipe for better results.

Contrast Baths

As the name sounds, it means having a warm and cold bath to treat the lump. The contrast helps in cooling and igniting the wound hence creating a balance in the infection. The cold bath makes the body active hence making a fast flow of blood in the body. If alternatively used, this remedy effectively works and heals the lump infection with time. The warm bath helps in heating the wound hence making homonial discharge to the wound that carries the white blood cells to increase the healing process of the infection.

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