How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The crackdown on drug trade is one that has been part of the society since time in memorial. The adverse effects of the high that is so cherished by drug abusers are not worth the trouble. That is why all the formidable authorities of the society have implemented policies to reduce the consumption of these substances that are not only illegal but also harmful to any individual’s body and health.

From government offices to business enterprises, the law has instructed the inspection of illegal narcotic substances among their employees and associates. The typical method of physically inspecting the pockets and belongings of a relative individual are no longer effective. The crackdown of drug consumers has been taken a notch higher, with the application of scientific methods to test for drugs in the body. Testing urine samples is ideal but can be beaten through the contamination of the sample by either switching it or the crude method of adding juice to the sample.

A much more full proof solution can be found in the testing of the hair follicles. The principle is to detect drug molecules that may have diffused into the blood stream and have ended up at the hair follicles during circulation. In some cases of continued consumption of drugs, the molecules end up accumulating and collecting at the follicle.

The body will produce metabolite to get rid of the foreign entities and excretes them on the hair as it grows. A sample with the thickness of a thread and an inch and a half in length is all that is needed to detect any signs of drug use to as far back as three months. There are dependable techniques that with proper application can be used to beat the hair follicle drug test.

Cut back on consumption

The most practical way to beat any drug test is by slowly winging off the drugs approximately on hundred days before the drug test. This will give the body a chance to wing off the drug molecules in the body, as the hair grows the molecules that have already been dissolved in the hair will be gone for the next regular visit to the barber shop. There are nutritional detox diets that can improve the quality of an individual’s blood, which will definitely influence the overall result of the drug test.

Complete shave

The most practical solution is to get rid of any resources that may be needed in order for the drug test to take place that are within reach. Shaving off the most vital entity for the test, the hair will guarantee false results. The greatest problem that this solution brings along with the solution is the formulation of an explanation of the abrupt decision to go bald just before the annual company drug tests are around the corner.

Furthermore, even if there was a reasonable explanation that the executive of the enterprise somehow believed, suspicion will be raised if the alternate solution, which is the use of a urine sample, posts an inconclusive result.

Over the counter products

Beating a drug tests is a scenario that is preferably performed in secret. There are do it your self-solutions that can inhibit a positive outcome of a hair follicle test. An ideal solution is Jerry and Growman method. The objective of these methods is the elimination of the drug metabolite located in the hair with the application of chemicals.

Washing one’s hair thoroughly in water mixed with Vinegar and Salicylic acid are the core ingredients in the Growmans solution. It involves rinsing the hair with water and vinegar, cover with a shower cap. occasionally add the vinegar if the hair starts drying up. This should be down for at least three hours. Apply Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash if available. Wash the vinegar and Clearasil mix out with scented Tide liquid soap. The Jerry G method, on the other hand, applies the use of bleach. Add Expulsion X2 hair detoxifier that can be found in many local retail stores or supermarkets.

Use half of the bottle, leaving it on the hair for five to ten minutes or longer depending on the quantity of drugs consumed, then rinse it all out several times with clean, warm water. Repeat the exercise one more time with the other half. The mixture tends to be thick and sticky, through scrubbing is recommended to remove effectively from the scalp. The use of conditioner will ensure that the hair does not remain dry. Caution should be taken in the application of dye, if any amount of it enters the eye, it could cause serious irritation.

The majority of this home products have not been scientifically proven to work. They are solutions that are recommended by other drug users who have a more hands on observation. It is, therefore, imperative to know which off the shelf products are effective in a do it yourself approach. There are special detox shampoos manufactured for this ideal exercise. It is important to know which brand is effective, as this solution works differently among the products.

A practical trick of differentiating the effective shampoos from the mild ones is by checking the price. Effective detox shampoos tend to be more costly. Effective examples are inclusive of Ultra Clean shampoos Aloe Rid Shampoo and the efficient Nutrition Stat Hair Detox Shampoo.

Customized detox program

If at all the do it alone solutions do not seem to be catalyzing confidence; there are professional counselors who are equipped with the skills specialized to assisting individual go through a detox program.

A popular detox program with a reputable success record is Hair Detox Friend. With ten years’ worth of experience, the counselors assist people to pass drug tests with the provision of specially formulated products.

Not only do they provide effective commodities, but also their service package comes with a step-by-step program customized to fit each individual customer. Moreover, a personal consultant is allocated to each customer, so as to assist him or her in seeing the detox program through.

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