How You Can Get Rid Of A Hickey?

A hickey is a kiss mark or sometimes referred to love bite, and it is a kind of a bruise. They are caused by extreme kissing or stretching of the skin that leads to broken capillaries and blood pooling making the skin reddish or purple. It can last for even more than a week but can heal with time.

It never leaves any scars or marks once it is healed. However, a hickey is very embarrassing it is like washing your dirty linen in public. But you can some how hide it with make up or cloth. You could also use some home made remedy fast and naturally to remove the hickey.

How to naturally remove a hickey

1.) The cooling method

Use an icepack or cold spoon to apply at the hickey. It is most predivelant if used at an earlier moment. You can either rap the ice a towel or put a spoon in the cooler and apply directly to the hickey. Let the ice or cold spoon rest on the hickey for a couple of minutes before removing. Apply it continuously until you feel the area around the hickey begin to be numb.

In case you’re using a spoon, you will need to put the spoon in the cooler first until it gets frigid. You must use an enormous amount of weight with the spoon by pressing it on the hickey.

2.) Use a toothbrush to remove a Hickey

Use a toothbrush to brush your hickey. Many people have come to say that this method actually worked for them. Softly brush the hickey with a toothbrush. Doing this, tickles the skin nerves hence invigorating blood flow. However, excessive brushing off the hickey can instead complicate it so be very gentle. The reddish pigment will evenly spread but after a time it will be no longer visible.

3.) Use Scrape to remove a Hickey

Use a coin to scrape your skin to remove the hickey. Despite the style being excruciating, good results is a guarantee. Perfectly to this extend, the coin rubbing from the hickey gives good results. Use some extra energy while scraping off the hickey but not as hard as breaking or scratching your skin. This method helps in the pushing of clotted blood away from the skin surface.

During the scrapping procedure, the skin will turn red but will disappear after a while.

4.) Using toothpaste to remove a Hickey

Use a layer of toothpaste to the hickey and tenderly rub it onto the hickey. Let it rest on the hickey for a few minutes. When it quits shivering, use warm water to remove the toothpaste. You can also use a piece of cloth to remove the paste from the hickey.  Wait for another 24 hours and re-do the procedure. As time permits, you can see better results if you keep doing it.

5.) You can remove a hickey with a Massage

To remove the hickey, massage the hickey area. The massage helps in blood flow hence opening the blocked blood vessels. Politely use two fingers to rub gently on the area affected with the hickey. After some time, use your entire fingers to rub evenly through the hickey.

6.) You can remove a hickey by concealing or hiding it

Hide the hickey by using cosmetics.  Green tinted concealer is one of the best for this course. It refutes the reddish skin appearance and makes it look normal. Use a brush or a meager to apply to the hickey using a yellow corrector. Use the green corrector on the surface after the yellow corrector. When this is achieved you can now apply an establishment all through out the hickey. After the establishment, you can apply some concealer. This with no doubt will hide the hickey.

7.) You can also remove the hickey by covering it

Use a garment to cover the hickey. This is a last resort that’s incredible most especially when it is cold. You can also try and wear a turtleneck or a scarf to cover it. Combine the covering with a piece of jewelry like a necklace. You can also opt for changing your hair style by making it long enough to cover the hickey.

8.) Use Arnica to remove a Hickey

Use arnica balm on the hickey. Arnica is a home grown treatment that can help in diminishing swelling hence minimizing the presence of a hickey. However, there is still no experimental proof that it works 100%. Some people prefer witch hazel to Arnica.

9.) Using vitamin k cream

Use vitamin K cream to remove hickey. Vitamin K helps in absorbing the clotted blood on the skin.

10.) Using temperature to remove hickey

Applying high temperature to a hickey keeps it disappearing with time. You can do this by soaking a washcloth in hot water and rub it around the hickey. You could also try using a reusable high-temperature patch from the drug store. This is because it stays longer compared to the prior and it is cleaner too.

11.) Wait it Out to Remove a Hickey

With time, Hickeys can get gone by it’s own. It can take several days and weeks meaning patience is a virtue here. You can be patient as you conceal it and wait for it to disappear on its own.

Take a lot of strawberries to remove a hickey

Strawberries contain a lot of salicylic that are corrosive and makes the blood more slender. Strawberries have been a daily approach to hickey. Making them your daily drink will help the hickey from disappearing.

The fears that somebody might notice your hickey should be driven off. This is be cause tress will make your face pale hence making them more visible. Just as removing the hickey should be of great concern, you should however not try to put pressure on it.

Applying of more energy will only make it have a wound nonetheless its disappearing. Never try out a hickey cure that sounds perilous or inept in the name of faster results. It will just cause you more trouble.

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