How to Make Yourself Sneeze (Without Pepper)

Sometimes you feel the urge to sneeze but the sneeze is not coming out.  You are left wondering how to make yourself sneeze. There are different ways that you can make yourself have that sneeze in seconds. Techniques for direct stimulation or using stimulating substances are known to work.

Sneezing helps foreign particle to come out of your respiratory passage. When a foreign particle enters your nose, it goes to the mucous membrane. This causes a ticklish irritating feeling that triggers a sneeze reflex. A large volume of air is usually expelled from the lungs making the foreign particles out of the respiratory system. Pathogens are removed from the respiratory system through sneezing.

Sneezing has varied cultural indications. Mostly sneezing is associated with sickness like having a stuffy nose. In some situations, sneezing can be considered inauspicious. Sneezing also is known for spreading diseases like flu.

Simple Tricks to Make Yourself Sneeze

Some techniques to trigger sneezing focus on triggering the nerves that cause sneezing. Others do it by copying the effect of foreign particles that enter the nose. Some of the commonly used techniques that will make you sneeze are written below.

Using a Tissue

Roll a tissue to make a cone like an object and directly insert it into your nose and wiggle it around.  When the tissue is wiggled in your nose, it causes a sneezing sensation and sends reflex to your brain.

Sometimes it takes time, and you will need to change the tissue if it becomes wet due to the moisture. The method triggers a sneeze, and you could have multiple sneezing.

Using Hard Objects

You can use a Q-tip, toothpick, pencil, hairpin, or any other hard object but not very hard. Use the hard object to stimulate your nasal lining.

This method like rolled tissue works Again, like using a folded tissue, this method functions by instigating the brain nerves that will make you sneeze. However, this method requires a lot of care for you can injure your nasal cavity or tissues.

Tweezing Eyebrows

It can be very confusing to see the correlation between the eyebrows and sneezing. The two are joined by the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is responsible for sneezing and runs to the tip of the nose. When you tweeze your eyes, it makes your nose get irritated.

Plucking Nose Hair

Plucking your nose hair can make you sneeze. Pluck your nose hair using a tweezer. Do not pull several of it but one at a moment. This will cause irritation on your nose and make you sneeze.

Mouth Roof Stimulation

Licking the roof of the mouth can stimulate the trigeminal nerve, and make one sneeze. To do this, just touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of the mouth, and take it all the way back, to create a tickling sensation. You can also stimulate the soft tissue at the rear of the roof.

Massage the Nose Bridge

Rubbing the base of your nose can make you sneeze. You can use your index finger to rub your nose. However, this method may not work for some people. It is said to stimulate a particular ‘tickle spot’ on the nose which targets the trigeminal nerve.

Edible Stimulants

Rich Chocolate

Eating a bar of chocolate has been proved to cause sneezing most especially at the start.The more the cocoa content in the chocolate, the better. It however only works for a certain group of people. It is speculated that cocoa particles can cause you to sneeze.

Chewing Gum

Chewing peppermint-based gum has been known to cause sneezing. This is because of the effect of the flavor found in the peppermint. Most people get to sneeze just by opening the mint gum from its wrap.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks due to their excessive gas in them can make some people sneeze. Drinking the drinks can make you sneeze more so when they have lemonades in them.

Via Inhalation

Dip Nose in Water

This method is, however, risky, but it’s worth trying if you want to sneeze. For it to be successful, put some water in your nose then shake your head. The water will cause you to sneeze because the brain takes it as a foreign body.

A Whiff of Perfume

Perfume is a very strong stimulant that can have you sneezing in seconds. Directly sniffing the perfume will make you have a strong sneeze. However, too much exposure to it in your nose is very harmful. It can make you have continuous sneezing that can cause you more problems instead.

Breathe Cold Air

Some people can sneeze when they breathe cold air most especially when they were at a warm place. You can do this by opening the doors and windows to let cold air come inside. If it is hot outside you can have a cold bath. You can take extra steps by even inhaling air from the freezer.

Look at the Sun

The bright sun rays cause your eyes to twitch. This makes the nerves that are connected to your nose get stimulated hence making you sneeze. This type of sneeze is commonly called the ‘photic sneeze reflex. It, however, does not work with everyone, but the percentage success rate is bigger compared to other styles.

The optic nerve is stimulated when you look up to the sky. This nerve is connected to the trigeminal nerve that makes you sneeze. Sun allergy can also make sneeze. Closing one’s eyes for a while can make your eyes accustomed to the darkness. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

Touch a Cold Wall

Touching a cold wall can also work since coldness has always caused running noses due to the nose hair lugging. This method, however, is not a guarantee it sometimes works with some people. It could fail to work with other persons.

When trying to make yourself sneeze you have to take note not to use sharp objects for the nose is a very delicate organ and can be easily injured.

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