How to Delay Your Period Naturally or With Pills?

Your first period may have been celebrated at various sleepovers some ten or twenty years back, but for many women today, the novelty has definitely worn off since they have to juggle menses and hectic lifestyles.

Many women are today looking for safe and reliable ways to control, stop, or delay their periods, for relationship, work, and lifestyle reasons. Without much ado, the following are top ways that you try out if you want to delay your periods for that special occasion.

Natural Methods

Up your Exercise Routine

One of the best natural ways to delay your periods is increasing your exercise. If you find yourself living a more sedentary lifestyle, strive to squeeze in exercise in your daily routine, and if exercise is already part of your everyday routine, up your workout. In the event that you are uncertain of the amount of exercise that you need, it makes a lot of sense to consult with your local doctor on the safest amount of exercise that you should engage your body in.

Wight loss has a great impact on your body and will in turn postpone your menstrual cycle. However, you need to remember that increased physical exercise may not be a sure method of delaying your periods, but it is one of the most scientifically proven approaches when compared to other natural cures.

Add Gram Lentils to your Diet

As any nutritionists will advice, what you eat can have a great effect on your menstrual cycle. Eating gram lentil soup on a daily basis before your periods might actually push it back by a few days.

All you need to do is to fry the lentils till they are soft then grind them into powder which you can then use as a base for your favorite soup.

Avoid Foods That Increase “Heat” In Your Body

Stay away from foods that will increase “heat” in your body if you want to delay your menses. Apart from flavors, there are a wide range of foods that are believed to increase some amount of heat in your body. Like spicy foods, eating some of these foods can considerably advance your period while cutting them from your diet will delay the process.

Remember, this method is not scientifically proven. It is simply derived from conventional practices found in different societies. Foods that are believed to increase heat in the body include mangoes, sesame, daters, pineapples, papaya, and other root vegetables.

In case your periods begin earlier than you expected, you can increase utilization of some of these foods so that your menstruation cycle grounds out on a prior but distinctive date. Moreover, eliminating these foods completely in your diet can go a long way in delaying your periods.

Yarrow Tinctures

Yarrow tinctures and shepherd’s purse are other great herbs that when ground and transformed into a liquid concentrate or soup will help you delay your periods.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Many women have confirmed that drinking lots of water has helped them delay their periods by a few days. While the impact of drinking a lot of water depends on your body, it has other positive benefits: it will make your periods lighter when it comes.

Water is good for your health, so there is more to gain if this does not benefit you in delaying your menses.

Don’t Eat Spicy Food

Many people recommend eating spicy food to make their menstrual cycles come sooner than expected. If that’s the case, the reverse is also true: you can delay your menses by removing spicy foods in your diet a few weeks before your expected date.

Though it is not yet scientifically proven to be true, it is better to try than doing nothing!

Finding A Way Of Managing Your Stress Levels

While it is a challenge for most people to control their stress levels, it is significant to remember that your state of mind can interfere with your menstrual cycle.

If you happen to have undergone some amount of stress in the past, try to avoid more stress about your periods because there are high chances that menstrual cycle schedule has already been affected/altered.

Using Pills

Birth control Pills

The hormone progesterone is known to support menstruation. So keeping levels of progesterone high in the body will help in delaying menstruation or preventing it from occurring. Generally, progesterone work by tricking the brain into thinking that your body is pregnant and menstruation do not occur.

However, it is vital to ensure that you only use progesterone mini pills to delay your menses. Discussing the available possibilities of the hormone with your local doctor is also recommended so that you remain safe.

Ibuprofen and vitamin B6

You can also use a combination of ibuprofen and vitamin B6 to delay your menses. A week or two prior to your expected date, take 800 mg of ibuprofen plus a two fold dose of Vitamin B6 on a daily basis.


While using tampons may not prevent or delay menstruation from occurring, they are less messy and more hygienic, especially when you are participating in a swimming competition or when you are on your honeymoon. In fact, many swimmers prefer tampons during swimming competitions as they are les messy and does not interfere with one’s ability to swim.

Visit a Specialist

If all the methods fail, it is wise to turn to specialists. Most doctors often prescribe norethisterone pills that are usually used to ease the symptoms of menstrual cycle but it is important to remember that they can as well be used to push your periods back. This means that if you are the right candidate for the right pill, all your menses worries will be wiped out.

Bottom Line

Having to run to the washroom every couple of hours can be an uncomfortable feeling, especially amidst some of the most significant moments in your life. Sometimes, it makes a lot of sense to fight against Mother Nature in the best ways possible—the highlighted tips are a few weapons that you can add to your arsenal.

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