Aloe Vera for Acne and Acne Scars Treatment

Do you want to know how to use aloe Vera for acne and your acne scars? Acne is a skin problem which happens when the pores of the skin get to be obstructed with excess oil, dead cells and microscopic organisms.

Aloe Vera has several properties such as anti-flammatory, astringent, anti-bacterial, pain inhibitor and coagulating operator, scar decreasing properties and cell development which helps to treat the acne successfully and naturally.

It also contains several vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and catalyst which your body and skin needs for capacity appropriately by boosting up the invulnerable body.

Acne and Acne Scars

Aloe Vera contains hormones and acts as anti-bacterial which helps in killing the microbes bringing on acne. It is a natural astringent that helps to uproot the excess oil, earth and dead skin cells, which further causes obstructs to your skin pores and reasons bacterial contamination. It also helps to enhance the cell development with the goal that the harmed skin will mend quicker and scar less.

It helps to reduce redness, inflammation and pain that connected with acne. It also acts as a pain inhibitor that reduces the pain when connected to the affected region. It enters the pain in The layers and remove inflammation. It also reduces scars successfully because it contains anti-oxidants which helps to reduce the pain and repair your skin. It contains zinc, vitamin E and C which aids in reducing the scars from the skin.

How to use Aloe Vera

There is a number of things which you can try to treat your acne. If you do not have a Aloe Vera plant, you might have to go to your nearest pharmacy and purchase ointment.

Treatment one

Take a fresh aloe Vera leaf and squeeze it to get the gel from the leaf. Take the gel and rub it on the acne effected parts of your body. Repeat the process for a day for no less than one week to dispose of the acne.

Treatment two

Squeeze the gel from a fresh aloe Vera leaf. Slice the leave open to squeeze out the mash. Make a fine gel by using the blender. Add a few drops of lemon or lime and after that again mix it together. Put this gel mixture in the fridge. Apply some of this paste to your face like a face mask.  Leave it on overnight and wash your face the following morning. Repeat this process regularly until you can see an improvement on your body.

Treatment three

Take fresh aloe Vera gel and add a bit of turmeric, honey, milk and a few drops of rose water. Mix it together and apply this paste on the effected parts of your skin. Leave it on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes and wash it with water. Keep doing this process on a regular basis to get rid of the acne.

Treatment four

Wash your face regularly two times a day which contains aloe Vera. Once in the morning and once in the evening before you go to bed. This will help to enhance the side effects and prevent further breakouts. Use aloe Vera which contains cream, gels, cleansers, cream to saturate the whole face and other acne affected parts of the skin to reduce the breakout created by the development of excel oil, mellows the skin and reduces the presence of acne scars.

Aloe Vera Mask

Boil a fresh aloe Vera leaf in water for a few minutes. Mix it to make a past and add honey. Use this paste as a mask on your skin. Delicately rub it whiles your apply the mask. Repeat this application regularly to dispose of the acne problems.

Continually use fresh aloe Vera gel that has culled from the aloe Vera plant. It contains all the key ingredients that are exceptionally compelling to treat acne. It will also relieve your skin from aggravation, inflammation and from destructive poisons. It treats damage skin.

It is used to unclog the skin pores, purges the blood, reduces inflammation and prevents further contamination of acne. You can also drink a tad bit of aloe Vera juice once a day, which cures acne as well as helping to cure lung malignancy as well as type two diabetes etc.

Aloe Vera for Acne Scars

Aloe Vera contains an anti-inflammatory property which helps to heal scars rapidly. It prevents excess oil and keeps the skin hydrated. Take a fresh aloe Vera leaf and squeeze out the gel from the plant. Apply the gel directly to your scars. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Apply an oil free moisturizer.


Before drinking aloe Vera juice for the first time, make sure that your check if you are not allergic to garlic, onions, tulips or any other plants in the lilac family. Consumption of this aloe Vera juice for more than one year will increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Commercially prepared aloe Vera gel can be used before and after cleaning.

Pat dry your skin after washing with aloe Vera soap. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before applying the feel. Aloe Vera is known to treat ace very well, but more than applying aloe Vera to your acne and its scars, you can change your lifestyle habits and diet plan which definitely show results in preventing ace now and in future also.

There is several factors which come into play when taking care of your skin. It is important to remember to drink many water. Water hydrates the skin and gets rid of all the bad toxins in your body, which will show on your face and on your body, when done regularly. When you do your research, everything you read will have the water factor in their story. Everyone will tell you that you need to exercise regularly and you need to eat a well balanced meal every day. It is a fact which cannot be avoided.

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