How to Get a Smaller Waist Fast at Home?


For many people, losing weight is one of life’s biggest struggles. This is often due to the fact that most people who are overweight are busy and lack the time that it takes to get to the gym. Therefore, weight loss strategies have to be creatively woven into their daily life. While this may sound like a hard form of weight loss, it is actually the easiest.

It is the easiest because by changing poor daily habits into more healthy ones, you are learning what is referred to as a “sustainable behavior/skill” going forward. That is because a great set of habits towards weight control is something that can help anyone sustain healthy weight loss throughout life. Below is a list of 10 easy things you can do it home to lose weight and get a smaller waist fast.

10 Things You Can Do At Home To Get A Smaller Waist

  • Use Monounsaturated¬†Oils and Fats
  • Modify Nutrient profile
  • Limit Calorie Intake To Less Than 2,000 Daily Calories
  • Weight Train
  • Try Eating One Vegan Meal A Day
  • Use Natural Sweeteners
  • Never Skip Breakfast
  • Abstain From Eating 2 Hours Before Bedtime Each Night
  • Drink Lots of Cold Water
  • Eliminate Fructose Containing Beverages

Use Monounsaturated Oils and Fats

One of the most common things that I see with people who are wanting to lose weight is a desire to eliminate all fats in the diet. After all, that is what they are trying to burn off themselves and eliminate so it makes the most sense to them that this is the absolute number one thing they should not be eating.

However, that is furthest from the truth as the body needs lipids to synthesize essential hormones and carry out basic metabolic functions. For this reason, it is suggested to switch to a diet that is high in monounsaturated oils and fats. Monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, contain omega-3 and omega-6 fats which actually helps speed up metabolism.

Modify Nutrient profile

The next thing that should be modified is the nutrient profile. When modifying the nutrient profile the first thing that you want to analyze is your meals. Your meals should consist of minimal fat and that fat should be a monounsaturated type. As for the rest of the meal it should be split up 50-50 between carbohydrates and proteins.

This is not a bland tip, but a strategy based on the science of your body’s digestion and is the basis for the diet recommended at virtually all physician assisted weight loss clinics. That is because carbohydrates and proteins digest a different rates. Carbohydrates digest in two hours while proteins take six hours to digest.

By eating a meal that is balanced 50-50, you are delaying the hunger response for a total of six hours due to the fact that protein metabolism slows down carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, you will not be hungry again for another six hours will not feel like eating.

Limit Calorie Intake To Less Than 2,000 Daily Calories

As with any diet, calories have to be tracked if you want to shed pounds and lose inches off your waistline. The first thing that you want to do calorie-wise is limit intake to below 2000 calories per day. Somewhere in the 1500 range is ideal for people of common sizes and weights.

Weight Train

One thing that will surprise many people is the fact that weight training is actually more beneficial towards weight loss than cardiovascular exercise(running, jogging, etc.). This is because when you lift weights you break down your muscles and when your body repairs them they build back bigger. This repair process burns a massive amount of calories and uses up the calories in your diet as energy to build the muscle back. This is the real reason that a lot of athletes can eat whatever they want and not gain “body fat”.

Try Eating One Vegan Meal A Day

One amazingly effective and unique strategy for losing inches off your waistline at home is eating one vegan meal a day. This may sound like something radical, but vegan meals do not include any animal fats or dairy. This essentially means that they contain nothing that will clog your arteries or put fat around your midsection. For vegans, getting in enough calories is usually a problem and that’s what makes vegan diets/meals very healthy for weight loss.

Use Natural Sweeteners

We live in a culture today that sweetens almost everything to excess. This is no different when it comes to sweetening our foods and beverages. One of the best tips that can be given to anyone who is trying to lose weight at home is to substitute sugar with natural sweeteners. Natural sweeteners such as honey and agave nectar metabolize much slower than granulated sugar minimizing hunger cravings.

Never Skip Breakfast

When it comes to weight loss, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By eating a big breakfast, you can naturally suppress your hunger urges for the rest of the day. This is been proven time and time again through actual scientific research.

Abstain From Eating 2 Hours Before Bedtime Each Night

Everyone has heard that they shouldn’t eat before bedtime and that is true. The later on it gets in the day the less calories you should consume. The critical time to stop eating according to most weight loss doctors is two hours before bedtime each night.

Drink Lots of Cold Water

Both drinking water and eating anything cold helps speed up the body’s metabolism. Therefore, drinking lots of cold water is recommended by almost every weight loss expert because it helps fill the stomach which suppresses hunger signals from the stomach to the brain and causes the body to heat itself back to optimal temperature.

Eliminate Fructose Containing Beverages

In the Western world, 20% of all calories come from the sugar fructose. By eliminating fructose from your diet, calories can be cut at a very fast clip without too much thought. Most of this fructose comes from common sodas and pops. Companies like SodaStream, sell home soda makers that are fructose-free!


Losing weight and subsequently trimming down your waist size is something that relies on several factors. It is not feasible to have a checklist of things that you have to do day in and day out. That is not something that is sustainable and very few people can stick to a diet like that.

Therefore, it is recommended that habits are focused on because developing good habits is something that can be sustained. This article outlines ten incredibly effective home methods to improve your habits and lose the weight necessary to trim inches off your waistline.

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