How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips? (Fast & Naturally)

Chapped or dry lips are unavoided problem that can be painful and very unattractive. The symptoms of chapped lips are redness, dryness, tender or loose lips, and cracking. Taking care of your lips is the only alternative way for avoiding chapped lips. You can do this by using natural products that are within your reach right at your home.

Cucumber is one of the commonest home remedies for cracked lips and can give you good results overnight. There are also many lip moisturizers that are perfect in soothing your lip skin. Natural home remedies are effective when it comes to curing dry and cracked skin. Using natural products that are rich in vitamin E can also help you with healing the cracked lips.

Always make it a routine to use natural products and chemically free products to curing chapped lips. Chapped lips should be treated naturally, and you should avoid using chemical products. To quickly solve your lip problems, always use lips moisturizers products or brands that you are familiar with.

Use healing cream to cure chapped lips

Vaseline or cream is a natural product that is good for your chapped lips. The moisturizing creams have moisture and natural extracts that are beneficial in filling up the gaps in the lips. You can also use lip balms to apply to your cracked lips. It always works the magic leaving your lips shiny and attractive.

Using Vitamin E moisturizers and uncolored lip balms helps a great deal in protecting your lips from harsh weathers. Using extra hydration helps in filling up the gaps caused by cold or hot climates.  For good results apply it to your lips 2 times a day. Always apply it to your lips after a bath and before going to sleep for quick results.

Precautions that will help you avoid chapped lips

Avoid licking your lips

Continuous lip licking is on of the leading causes of chapped lips. This is because lips become wet when licked and when they dry, the saliva evaporates leaving cracks on them. Saliva has acids that are useful in food digestion so applying acid to your vulnerable soft lips is not a good idea it will burn your lips hence making them cracked and unattractive. To keep your lips soft supple and attractive, stop licking them.

Avoid using products you are allergic to

There are some people that are allergic to toothpastes with synthetic flavors. The synthetic flavors in the toothpaste can cause reactions on your lips that may develop cracks in it. Colored and flavored lip balms are also not good for your lips because there are some people that are allergic to them. Lip balms that contain SPF have been known to cause allergies to some people. Lipsticks of low quality should be avoided, and moisturizers should also be avoided.

Such products contain harmful chemicals that will react with your lips when used and leave your lips chapped. Buying good lip products will save you a lot and help your lips too. Peeling off your lips can also be caused by overuse of excessive vitamin A products in your oral supplements. Poor dieting methods combined with lack of vitamins and minerals in your foods will leave your lips unhealthy and cracked.

Avoid hot and spicy foods with too much salt. When you are treating, your chapped lips make sure to avoid eating fruits with citric acids like pineapple and lemon. These foods will burn your lips and make it more painful and worsen your condition.  To heal your lips faster make sure to include foods rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Natural Home remedies to cure chapped lips

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the widely used natural products as an alignment to various health complications. This is because of its healing properties and antioxidants that are very paramount in healing chapped lips. The properties in Aloe Vera provide the skin with nutrients and moisture that are good in treating the cracks in your lips hence leaving them soft. You can do this by applying the Aloe Vera on your lips and leave it for about 25 minutes. Giving it time lets your lips absorb the antioxidants moisture and vitamins found in Aloe Vera. Using this procedure daily will give you outstanding results.


Honey has antiseptic and natural moisturizing properties in it and can be very effective in treating your chapped lips hence making them smooth. Honey when applied to your chapped lips, it gives your lips the moisture it requires and kills the germs too making it heal faster. For good results, directly apply the honey to your affected lips and leave it to dry. When it is dried, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water. For positive results, repeat this procedure daily.


The cooling and skin lightening properties found in cucumber makes it an exceptional home remedy item for cracked lips. They have the properties that are imperative in reducing the pain on your cracked lips. Using cucumber as cracked lip treatment is very simple and straight. You just cut the cucumber into slices and put the slices in a refrigerator. After 30 minutes remove it and keep it on your lips for about 20 minutes. Using this remedy daily will help remove your lips cracks and also remove darkness from your lips.

Natural oils

Natural oils including coconut oil and olive oil are natural oils that you can use on your lips to cure them. They contain vitamin E and skin softening properties. These two features can make your lips soft and help in healing the cracks. You can make the remedy by either mixing the oils together or taking one of the oils and applying it to your lips before going to bed. However, combining them will give you far better results.

Milk cream

The fats contained in milk cream will not leave you disappointed if used for your cracked lips. It has the skin soothing fats, vitamins and moisture that has been of benefit to healing cracked lips. For better results, you can mix the milk cream with Aloe Vera gel and add antioxidants to it for a complete remedy mixture. Use clean hands to apply the mixture to your cracked lips and leave it for about 20 minutes using cotton balls. You can wash it off your lips after 20 minutes and always make it your daily routine.


Avocado has been widely used as a natural skin moisturizer. It can be used by making a paste then directly apply to your lips and leave it for 20 minutes.

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