How to Reduce Redness of a Pimple?

Do you have pimples that are causing some type of irritation and redness to your skin? The redness of your pimples are an inflammatory response, not a scar. It helps tissues regenerate and is a normal part of our body’s healing response, but it can be annoying when that inflammation is plastered over your face for the whole wide world to see. Here is a couple of home remedies which you can try.

Ice your pimples

Wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and apply it directly to your acne, making sure not to put too much pressure on your skin. Too much pressure can cause the pimple to break, causing even more redness and spreading bacteria. Cool temperatures slow local blood circulation, reducing swelling and redness in the injured tissue. You have probably seen athletes using cold treatments such as ice baths and local ice. This helps to treat inflammation caused by injury.

Eye drops

Eye drops are made to remove redness. Put a small amount of the eye drop solution on a piece of cotton will and gently apply to the pimple. Alternately, freeze a Q-Tip that has been soaked in eye drop solution overnight. Apply is gently to the pimple. The cold will suppresses the inflammation and the eye drop should help relieve the redness. Rubbing it on your entire face can cause more irritation. Only rub on affected areas. Do not use this technique too often or it could have an adverse effect.

Aspirin Mask

Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is one main ingredient in many scrubs and topical ointments used to treat acne. Salicylic acid produces its anti-flammatory effects by suppressing an enzyme responsible for inflammation. Mix the aspirin with a little bit of water to form a paste. Apply it to the inflamed area gently with a Q-Tip and rinse off once dry. While not an immediate fix, this will help with redness.


Most toothpaste contains silica, which helps to dry pimples out. Silica is the same thing that is found in tiny white packets because it keeps dry food snacks, such as jerky, thereby slowing spoilage. Cover the pimple completely with a thin film of toothpaste right before bed, let dry, and leave on overnight. Wash it off in the morning. Do not use toothpaste that has menthol or fluoride. These ingredients may worsen redness and cause more pimple to appear.

Lemon Juice

Use a little bit of lemon juice, as it contains citric acid, which could help fight acne bacteria. Studies suggest that citric acid has natural skin-lightening components, which could help with redness. Wring out a little bit of lemon juice from a lemon, soak it in a cotton ball and apply to pimples at night. Because it lightens your skin, it will take a long time and repeated uses for it to show, but it will lighten the pigments in your skin.

If you only use lemon juice sparingly, however, and evenly over your face, it should not be noticeable. Ovoid long periods of exposure to sunlight after applying lemon juice. Because lemon juice tends to dry out the skin, it is especially susceptible to sun damage. Apply it only at night, wash your face in the morning and always wear sunscreen.

It may interfere with other acne medication, if you are using any. Like all home remedies, its effectiveness is not scientifically proven, and care should be taken using it. Talk with your doctor first before using any type of product or home remedies.

Tea Bags

Apply a hot washcloth or warm tea bag to the pimple. Compress applied to the acne will open the pores, potentially drawing bacteria or pus to the surface, and allow for the cleansing of oil, dirt and dead skin. Get water that is almost too hot to touch. On your face, it should fee a little uncomfortable at first, But pleasant after a while. Soak your washcloth in the hot water, or take your hot Teabag, and hold gently over acne for 30 to 60 seconds. Follow your warm compress with a good old-fashioned face wash. Facial scrub or wash will help remove some of the oil and bacteria that were drawn out by the warm compress.

Visit your pharmacy

Go to a grocery store pharmacy for a redness-reducing product to put on your pimple. Find an ‘immediate response’ product. A pharmacist may be able to help you.


Use concealer to hide the redness immediately. There are concealers that contain salicylic acid to help dry the pimple out while covering it. Green colored concealers will take the redness out of your skin. A skin tone liquid make-up or powder then needs to be applied on top of it.

Drink lots of water

When dehydrated, we loose moisture in our skin. This meant that there is less circulation to the skin area to provide essential nutrients. When your body is not properly hydrated, your skin is the first place on your body to feel the change. Drinking more water will help your kidneys and liver detoxify more efficiently and more effectively. Drinking water will also make sure your colon is working as best it can.


Even walking 20 minutes per day is a healthy way to exercise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Volunteer to walk the dog. Exercise will decrease your stress leves, giving you a better chance at better skin. Get involved in sports. Sports are not just for jocks. There is virtually a sport out there for every kind of person. the most important thing is that you have fun, burn some energy and give yourself a nice outlet for your stress.

Scientists do not know exactly how stress causes acne, but they do know that there is a link. Cells that produce sebum have receptors for stress hormones, meaning that when you are stressed those sebum cells become unregulated. Sebum is the oil substance that clogs pore and leads to pimples.

Other Tips

  • Rinse your face with hot water to open your pores. Then wash your soap off with cold water to close the pores.
  • Avoid popping pimples if possible.
  • Normal soap is fine, but try a specialized face wash if you have it.
  • Use an oil-free sunblock every day. Some redness can be caused by overly dry skin.
  • Visit a dermatologist who can prescribe a medication if this is a persistent problem.
  • ‘Dove’ soap really helps to ease the redness of a pimple but any soap will do. You have to wash your face daily not just when you have pimples.
  • Before using the steam method, make sure there is absolutely no dirt or dead skin on your face. Any debris present could clog your pores and cause more pimples.

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