How to Get Rid of Roaches Permanently From Your Home

One of the most disgusting bugs and a time hard to get rid of from our homes are the roaches. They spread bacteria and are commonly found in homes damaging stuff. However, there are easy permanent methods that will completely help you get rid of roaches from your home.

1.) Make Roach Food to permanently get rid of Roaches

Mix granulated sugar with white flour and boric acid to make a killing powder for roaches. The sugar acts as bait to the roaches while the flour traps them hence making them stick on it. The boric acid is a strong element in killing the roaches because of the corrosive chemical substance that burns them.

This is the most outstanding method to do away with roaches permanently. You can use this by placing the “roach food” under the refrigerator, stove or at the back of drawers and cabinets. Or any other prevalent areas that cockroaches love to hide at.  Use the boric acid until you get good results and the roaches have disappeared completely.

2.) Use Boric, Cocoa, and Flour for utmost permanent results

This involves mixing of the acid, two parts of the flour and one part of cocoa. Caution should be taken when having this mixture for it is very dangerous to pets and children. However, compared to other insecticides it is not very toxic, and roaches are not intimidated by it and they even drag it to their hatching ones for food.

You can use it by dusting a fine coat of it in dark places like inside cupboards or under the sinks and around the toilets. Do not forget to sprinkle it too in corners and in hollow spaces of the house. This will help kill all them and do away with roaches permanently. Caution should be taken because the boric acid can irritate the lungs. So avoid inhaling the powder.

3.)  Insecticide Spray to permanently get rid of roaches

Use specialized insecticides for getting rid of roaches permanently. Spray the insecticide in places where cockroaches love to hide at. Cockroaches can be found along walls, corners and invents. Keep pets and children away when spraying as a safety precaution. The toxic nature of insecticides is very harmful to children and should not be kept at their reach. To avoid eye contact with the insecticide, avoid spraying at the direction of the wind.  Make sure to always read the safety precaution instructions on the product label.

4.) Using cockroach bait to permanently get rid of Roaches

Cockroach bait has always been used to get rid of roaches. It comes in a childproof case and frequently applied as gel. The cockroach bait has a slow working poison that is always combined with some alluring food to attract cockroaches. Poison is consumed by the pest and carried to their nest where it gets rid of other roaches. You can get rid of the roaches by placing the bait in a place where the cockroaches can get immediate access to the bait.

5.) Using water Jars to permanently get rid of roaches

Using water jars is an efficient and very monotonous way of getting rid of roaches. You can use this method by putting a jug next to a wall. This traps the cockroaches as they fall in the jar of water and can’t escape out of it. For it to efficiently work, you can place bait in the water jar.

However, this is not necessary but the bait you can use coffee grounds or water. The method is efficient more so in dry areas for the cockroaches will need water and will be trapped in the jug. Apart from water jars you could use soda bottles. You can do this by cutting a funnel and putting it on the soda bottle with water in it. The liquid in the bottle will drown the roaches once they get in.

6.) Using a Liquid Concentrate to permanently get rid of Roaches

A concentrate is a chemical that is very poisonous. The chemical is usually mixed in water to dilute it then sprayed in the house. You can spray it all through the house or places you suspect the cockroaches are hiding at. Prior, liquid concentrates were only left to be used by professional fumigators but lately anyone can use it. Liquid concentration completely kills the cockroaches thus getting rid of possible re-infestation.

7.) Using Pesticides to permanently get rid of Roaches

For good results always opt for professional grade pesticides. You should always try to avoid home improvement remedies for they are not 100% efficient. You can opt for cypermethrin pesticides or Demon WP. Pesticides are very effective and a complete getting rid of roaches is a guarantee. However, using pesticides will have you eradicating all bugs including the useful ones like millipedes that eat the roaches. The method is very effective if your home is infested with many roaches.

8.) Using Soap solution and Water to permanently get rid of Roaches

Make a light mixture of soap and water and use the mixture to spray it on the roaches. Always make sure that the mixture is sprayed on the head and abdomen of the roaches. In the process, the cockroaches will run about but will fall and die after a while. The method is very easy but only valid if the roaches are not much in the house. The soap forms layers on the cockroaches’ skin hence hindering them to properly breathe and die due to suffocation.

9.) Using exterior Bug Spray in the Interior to permanently get rid of Roaches

Spraying using exterior will work well for the interior roaches infestation. This is because the spraying covers a large portion of the house. You can do this by making sure to close all doors and windows for a day. This method will help get rid of all roaches from your home.

10.) The Use Other Animals to permanently Get Rid of Roaches

Pets and other animals like lizards and ants are known to feed on cockroaches. These pets will help you do away with these roaches without much trouble or struggle. However, these animals will only be present in your home if you have never used pesticides because pesticides kill them all. The other disadvantage is that these other animals might kill a cockroach and leave them their hence rotting in the house and creating a bad odor.

If these steps are keenly followed, you will completely do away with roaches from your house. Eliminating roaches from your home helps in giving you the comfort of not worrying about the things you have kept in your cabinets.

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