Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods are foods that require more energy to process than they provide. Because of this fast they are fantastic options for anyone who is looking to lose weight. While the net loss in calories is minimal, the benefit you get by eating these foods for weight loss is enormous.

This is because you are filling up on foods that will actually contribute to weight loss. Instead of eating a bowel of food that gives you calories, you can eat a plate of food that burns them which means you can eat a lot and still lose weight. By learning about negative calorie foods you can learn how to use them to help you on your weight loss journey. I

t’s important for you to remember that because these foods don’t provide you with any calorie benefit you must eat a lot of other foods as well. With that being said the following foods can help you a great deal if you are trying to lose weight. Best of all they keep you from feeling hungry, which everyone knows is a dieter’s worst enemy.


Celery is a very well known negative calorie food that is quite tasty. It can be diced up and added to other foods to give them more flavor. It can be chopped into celery sticks for a quick snack. It can also be chopped and then covered in peanut butter. At this point it’s not a negative calorie food, but that’s okay. The idea is to use negative calorie foods to help you fill up so you won’t eat as much regular food. On top of being a great negative calorie food Celery also packs a lot of vitamins and fiber into your diet.


Asparagus is a hearty vegetable that is a favorite of many people. What not as many people know is that it is a negative calorie food. To prepare it in a way that retains it’s negative calorie status make sure that you grill it or steam it without adding any butter. While butter does make it delicious it also wipes out many of the health benefits you get from eating this food.


Cauliflower has exploded in popularity in recent years as people find more and more ways to prepare this vegetable. Do you love mashed potatoes? Well why not try mashed cauliflower instead? By substituting cauliflower for potatoes you can cut a ton of calories out of your diet.


It’s hard to believe but tomatoes are actually a negative calorie food. It’s important to remember that the tomatoes that are a negative calorie food are the raw ones that are unprepared. The tomatoes that constitute pasta sauce are prepared in a way that adds a lot of salt and calories to them.

So instead opt for raw tomatoes, or if you want to have sauce or salsa prepare it yourself. On top of being a very tasty food, tomatoes are also loaded with the cancer fighting compound lycopene. So load up on your tomatoes and you can fight cancer while losing weight.


Cucumbers make a great snack by themselves and are also a favorite of salad lovers. If you are eating cucumbers to enjoy their negative calorie effect make sure that you skip the salad dressing. While salad dressing can make a plain plate of vegetables much more exciting it will also add a lot of calories. While low calorie and low fat varieties are better for you it’s still best to eat cucumbers raw. If you must add something to liven them up try a small pinch of salt, some pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice.


Papaya has as much Vitamin C as an orange and is also a favorite fruit for many people due to it’s powerful sweet flavor. It’s important that you eat fresh Papaya only if you are trying to preserve it’s negative calorie status. Most prepared Papaya that is canned or jarred has added sugar, which means added calories. If you love sweet foods then Papaya should be on your shopping list.


Chili peppers are another negative calorie food that many people don’t think of in that way. Chili peppers can add a lot of flavor and spice to other foods so they are favorites to cooks and chefs everywhere. Due to their negative calorie status they are also a favorite of many dieters. Many dieters will complain that the foods they are allowed to eat are very non satisfying because of their bland flavors. This is what makes chili peppers so valuable. They add a lot of flavor without adding any calories at all!


If you love apples and want to enjoy their negative calorie status then eat as many green apples, and only green apples, as you can. Green apples are negative calorie foods that are great snacks. They are convenient, don’t need refrigeration, and of course they are quite delicious. You can enjoy a green apple whenever you want, and as everyone knows they are also very nutritious and good for your health.


Coffee is a beverage that many people can’t do without. The good news is that if you are dieting you don’t have to. Coffee is a negative calorie food that can give you a great pick me up. Just make sure that you only drink your coffee black so that you won’t be adding any calories from sugar or creamer.

Many dieters complain of a lack of energy due to their calorie restrictive diet. The great thing about coffee is that it can put an end to that lack of energy very quickly. Not only that it can also rev up your metabolism to further increase your weight loss.

Most dieters that fail on their diets will tell you that they got hungry and just couldn’t resist that cookie or candy bar any longer. Hunger is a dieter’s worst enemy. But what if you could eat so much food that you are stuffed? What if there were foods would take more energy to digest than they would provide in the form of calories?

While this might sound like a fantasy the truth is that these foods do exist. By learning about negative calorie foods you can learn how to eat your fill while still shedding off the weight that you want to lose. Negative calorie foods are a dieter’s best friend and they can help you to keep hunger at bay.

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