Top Best Shampoo for Oily Hair & Scalp (Men & Women)

When it comes to dealing with oily hair or scalp, the ordeal is not as easy as handling oily skin. One has to be careful with what shampoo they use because of the possibly adverse reaction they can get from their hair. On the other hand, there are plenty of shampoo products that are mild and work perfect, and we are about to discover them.

Opalis Cream Hair Shampoo

A mild and safe shampoo designed to suit the oiliest of hairs. You can use it as many times as you want without worrying about harmful chemicals or going the entire day with your hair reeking of oil. Part of the ingredients inside this product is rosemary, cedar wood and thyme, which are essential oils that not only helps control body sebum but also gives your hair an alluring fragrance.

Liz Earle Shampoo

It is commonly referred as a botanical shampoo packed with natural ingredients to combat oily skin. The shampoo has blends of orange and apple extracts which help control sebum production at the scalp. With this toned down control, you never have to worry about the oil smudges you live on chairs, collars or pillows. It also has a lovely fragrance to it.

Head and Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo

This shampoo also contains the citrus essence used to cut down sebum production in the hair and scalp. It is quite gentle with a mild ph value fit for use by the whole family. Head and Shoulders have also introduced a new Scent technology to all their products, so expect one of the sweetest and vibrant fragrances while washing your hair. Besides oily hair, this shampoo is also great for chemical or color treated hair.

Phytopanama Shampoo

If your hair is slightly oily, this is the shampoo for you. It packs ingredients that help balance sebum in the entire scalp and ensures your hair maintains just enough oil to keep it healthy. There is no risk of feeling dry after washing and your hair will feel more flexible and manageable. Phytopanama shampoo is perfect for both men and women and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals to worry about.

Leonor Greyl Shampoo

This shampoo suits individuals with devitalized or suffocated scalp. Within a few washes, it will bring down the excess sebum on your scalp opening up the clogged spores. Your hair will be breathable again and get back its natural shine. In the stores, the shampoo is fully known as Leonor Greyl-Huile de Germe de Ble.

Lulu Organics

Just from its name, it contains the best organic ingredients to help recover from oily hair. Its core ingredients are rice powder, organic cone starch, and white clay. It also contains Jasmine and Lavender as essential oils that give it its sweet scent. You can use this shampoo anytime and even after switching from harsh shampoo products. It leaves your hair healthy and shiny with no chalky flakes characteristic of talc based shampoos.

Big Sexy Hair Shampoo

If you have the kind of hair that appears flat naturally, it’s because the oiliness makes most of your strands stick together. Big Sexy Hair Shampoo is just the product to help free your strands. It immediately starts to wash away the oiliness making hair manageable and easy to brush. An added advantage of this shampoo is adding more volume to the existing hair; in no time your hair will have a covetable shine and look fuller.

Anthony Logistics

It is a mild effective shampoo recommended for men.  Like all shampoos listed here, it contains natural organic ingredients which cleanse the hair from oil making it breathable. Peppermint fights away the oil in hair and unclogs the pores on the scalp. Lavender acts as disinfectant getting rid of bacteria or any allergens that harbored within the oily hair. Chamomile acts as a hair purifier while wheat protein strengthens and protects the hair from further damage.

Aubrey Organics Oily Skin Shampoo

You will enjoy the rich lather in this shampoo with a so amazing scent. It works through the hair nicely scraping off the annoying oiliness and leaves behind breathable hair. The only thing you have to watch out for is the wateriness of the shampoo. Other than that, the lathering and scent are just great.

American Crew Shampoo

This is another great product designed for the men who love to groom. It reduces the greasiness on hair making it more manageable, especially when combing. Its main ingredient is panama bark extract which strips of the unwanted oil on hair leaving just enough to keep it glowing. It also contains wheat protein for hair strengthening, thyme for toning, and moisturizing as well as rosemary for toning and sweet fragrance. Besides oily hair, American crew shampoo can be used on normal and dry hair as well.

June Jacobs

Fit for both oily and normal hair, June Jacobs shampoo has citrus essence as its strong ingredient to wash off the excess oil. This shampoo does a thorough job in seeping through the hair and scalp to take away the unwanted oil and unclog blocked surface pores. Within no time, your hair feels less clamped up and easier to brush and style. The lemon scent is a perfect addition to give your hair a radiating scent.

Aloe 80 Shampoo

Just as its name suggests, it contains aloe vera, a tree plant known for its many healing properties. With 80% aloe content in the shampoo, this is enough to wash away the oil and dirt blocked in your hair. It also moisturizes the air giving it a nice glow and tone you would love. Also part of the ingredient is lemon peel and ginger root which help boost hydration of your air accentuating the shine. Aloe 80 Shampoo camouflages the visible damages to your hair and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals to worry about.

These are some of the best shampoos for oily hair used in the market. They contain natural ingredients to wash away oil and dirt, moisturize and strengthen hair in the long-run. They don’t contain harsh chemicals to leave the hair and scalp chalky.

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